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A friend bought me this monster cable to hook my ibook g4 up to my TV, but my tv has composite video. i haven't been able to locate a working converter-- anyone have any ideas?
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You need an S-Video to RCA converter. Unless you mean component video, in which case you need a ~$150 converter.
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Where have you looked that you weren't able to find them? You should be able to find one at your favorite big-box electronics stores -- they're just little inch-long pass-through connectors with a single capacitor in them and shouldn't be more than a few bucks. Really common.
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I'm pretty sure any RadioShack store would have the S-Video to RCA converter Skorgu pointed out.
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Apple sells an adapter for about $20.
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If, as you say, your TV accepts composite video, you need one of these.
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As others have said, what you need is an "S-Video to Composite" adapter.

At least in my area, they didn't have any in the local RadioShack stores (furthering my opinion that RS has become totally worthless).

I finally found one at my local MicroCenter for about $10, but if you don't have one of those, you may be stuck. Before I found it at Microcenter (no thanks to the employees there, they had no idea they had it, and it took some searching to find). I see you're in Chicago, and there's a Microcenter there, so that might be my first shot if I were you. Otherwise, you can just try calling around to various places -- the only other store in the Metro DC area that I found that carries them was a little hole-in-the-wall video place in the District.

If you're not in a hurry, you can order an adapter off of the internet, but unless you have some other cables-and-connectors type stuff to buy at the same time, it probably won't save you much.
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Slightly offtopic, but Monster Cables are horribly overpriced. Shop around on the web, and you may save loads of money.
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Converting svideo to composite is absurdly easy, so the price should be very very low. You can easily buy the parts for under $5, and it is only about 10 connections..
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