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What are some web sites that allow people to interact in unusual and awesome ways on the internet? Massively Multiplayer Pong was great, but it seems broken. Swarmsketch is another great example. Help me find others...

One that I'm trying to recall: there was a big collaborative "novel" that was being written one sentence at a time. Visitors would be presented with two sentences, and would write a new sentence to go between the two. It was hilariously awful. Can anyone find the link?

Wasn't there a site where dozens of people were drawing on a sketchpad simultaneously?

Last example: Interactive fridge magnets.

I'd love to find more sites similar to these, or sites that fit the broader definition I started the question with.
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This is a nice example of using internet interation for the "greater good". You only interact with with one other person at a time though.
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Drawball may be the sketching site you're thinking of.
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Are you thinking of GroupBoard?
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(i edit this) Lingua

This is more of a game, but still iSketch
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seconding lingua
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The Broth interactive mosaic - was really hopping months ago, I'm not sure how active it is now, but a fun toy. Click and drag to move each colored square around, and collaboratively make pictures.

At Sketch Swap you draw a sketch - make it reasonably thought out or cute, not crappy, or you will feel embarrassed - press the submit button, and then it gives you a sketch drawn by someone else. You "see" them drawing it, ie it recreates the order in which they drew the lines, so you see it evolve before your eyes. Not as interactive as the others.
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