Info. on how to donate a kidney for money
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How to sell a kidney

I read somewhere that it's possible to get about $8k if you sell a kidney. Aparently it's possible to live with only 1 kidney.

I've recently fallen on hard times financially, and I'd like to know if it's sensible to consider selling my body this way?

I'd be especially interested to know:

-Are there likely to be any painful side-effects if I sell a kidney
-Will selling a kidney affect my life expectancy, etc.?

Also, I'd appreciate any technical info. on how to actually go about selling a kidney.

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It's illegal to sell organs in the United States; compensated donation exists, but it's sketchy.

Can't you think of some other way to make money other than selling a vital organ?

I don't think it will affect your life expectancy directly, but there are a lot of diseases and medical conditions in which it is best to have two kidneys. Do a little research on what a kidney actually does and see if you still want to give one up.
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