Hero Joy Nightingale: where did she go?
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So what really DID happen to Hero Joy Nightingale?

She's been mentioned on Mefi before, and her poetry and musings are still around, robotwisdom's still up, but the trail just dries up and gets archived. I see a fair number of UK Mefites around...anybody want to help solve a mystery?
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Original link for reference. This is something I've researched too, off and on since the original post, and I've been unable to uncover anything. I very much want to know what happened to her.
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Yeah, this seems fine. I hope we end up with answers and not just commentary, though.
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I imagine she started college and her mother stopped speaking through her.
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Response by poster: Newest I found was this, but it's been awhile now. How has everything turned out, I wonder? (I'm really hoping she'll pull a woz.)
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This appears to be the website of her brother, Alaric. (Cross-confirmed by Jorn.)
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Idle speculation, but if she started at Oxford in October 2004, she's probably preparing for her final degree show right about now...

Honestly, as if finals weren't stressful enough without random strangers on the internet wondering what you're up to ;)
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From dhartung's link (the brother's site):

I also spend a lot of my vacation time on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, where we now have a house that's considerably more accessible for my (physically) disabled sister. She adores the quiet, and the very beautiful view from the patio window up there.

I was going to say "sounds like she's doing OK," but then I noticed that page was also from 2003. Seems strange there's been no mention of her since then. Did she wind up not going to Oxford after all?
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Response by poster: Thanks, dhartung...well, I emailed one of Alaric's addresses and it didn't bounce...I'm starting to think I should have posted in MeTa...if I don't get any responses, I hope someone would post something there. I've occasionally used the net to track down distant relatives, but there are some really skilled researchers here, far better than I.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, no response, as of yet.
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