Rum and Apple Cid-ER! Rum and Apple Cid-ER!
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I seem to remember a cartoon (might've been a Looney Tune, with Daffy perhaps?) from my youth in which a pirate song that ends up with "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" was sung, but it ended instead with a conga-beat rhythm that went something like "yo ho ho and a bottle of" (and here's where the conga beat came in) "rum and apple cid-ER / rum and apple cid-ER / rum and apple cid-ER" (with the 'ER' being the beat). It's an obscure vague memory at the outreaches of my childhood, but that "rum and apple cid-ER" has become a real earworm for me the past few days. Any idea where this little comedy bit came from, and if it's on one of the online video services?
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Are you sure it's not "Ma's old-fashioned cider!" from Buccaneer Bunny?
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Best answer: The link doesn't have the full video, but the wiki entry mentions the conga:

"The cartoon opens with Sam digging a hole to bury his treasure on a beach. In a comic triple, Sam twice sings the stereotypical pirate chanty "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum", and the third time sings "yo-ho-ho and a bottle of... Ma's old fashioned ci-der" with a conga kick on the last syllable, which is also a parody of "Dad's Old-Fashioned Root Beer", a well-known radio advertising jingle at that time."
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Best answer: Yep - It is about 40 seconds in and I have hosted the show here for you to download.
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Response by poster: First of all, hail to the hivemind. Wow. Thanks, cashman. :)

That sounds like it's it, and it makes more sense than rum and apple cider, which would probably be a rather foul-tasting concoction.

Anyone know of a place where I could find the conga bit online? Failing that, it looks like it's on VHS (off of the IMdB listing), but anyone know if it's been collected on DVD?
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Response by poster: dnthomps, I'm blown away ... much obliged! I'm at work ... if you wouldn't mind keeping that file up about 2-3 hours, I can download it onto my home machine this evening.
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Response by poster: (If you can't keep it up that long, my e-mail address is in my profile; perhaps we can schedule the d/l at a future point.)
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I will leave it there for a week or so. Long enough for everybody that wants it. Looks like we have a couple people downloading it right now. It is only 7 minutes long, but it is 129 MB in size. Looks like most people are downloading it around 50 - 60 KB/s and taking about an hour to do so. Use a download manager if you have one, my connection is great, but if it drops along the way, a download manager will pick it right back up.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Just don't want to end up killing you with a high bandwidth bill. :)
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The song is a variation on "Rum and Coca-Cola"
made famous by The Andrews Sisters.
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Response by poster: dnthomps, I've got it now. Much obliged! :)
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Alright all... I have served over 7 Gigs of this download and I am taking it down now. If anybody needs it, email me at my username [at]
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