Lourdes Travel and Trip Afterwards
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I am visiting Lourdes in mid-August with my family, there will be 6 adults and 1 4 year old child. I am looking for some tips about this and what to do afterwards.

I asked a question:

about trips in Europe here

that has kind of evolved, as my extended family want to go to Lourdes and I have offered to arrange...

There will be 7 of us - 6 adults and 1 4 year old child.

We are based in the UK - and I am thinking of flying into Toulouse and hiring a van to get us to Lourdes itself, then staying in a local hotel.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas on this.

After the Lourdes trip of 2 nights, my wife and I will be going on to .....wherever we fancy for the next 10 nights. This, I guess is the tie in to the previous question.

Where to go? My wife fancies trying Germany, but I am up to any suggestions on any part of this question that you may have for me.

On the first part, might it be worth us hiring a villa for a couple of days for example??


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Carcassonne is well worth a visit (heres some photos to give you idea of what its like), its only an hour or so from Toulouse. Lots of other stuff to do in the Languedoc, here's some links.

If you want to travel a little further, I visited Barcelona over Xmas and thought it was a very cool place.
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