My notebook needs to chill out
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ChillFilter: I'm purchasing a notebook computer to replace my desktop, and have been shopping around for cooler mats (a.k.a. chill mats). Alas, the brand I'm most likely to find at my local electronics outlets, the Targus Chill Mat, is also the brand most likely to generate screams of rage from users. Experiences with alternative brands, anyone? (The computer will be a 15.4" widescreen.) Money is not (that much of) an object.
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I've got a Lapinator, which does a great job of protecting your lap from scorching. If that's your goal (as opposed to cooling a laptop that you're concerned will overheat), skip a fan-based solution.
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I like the iLap: it keeps the fan in my iBook from revving up, spares me from groin-scorch and tilts the keyboard for lap use.
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i like my targus traveler coolpad, and my icurve (which requires an external keyboard--which, in turn, i've discovered to be an ergonomic miracle).

both work with my 15.4" widescreen powerbook.
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Seconding the iLap. We have two. One for the 17" MacBook Pro and one for the 12" PowerBook. No overheating problems at all.

They work flawlessly, are light as a feather, and are nice to use on your lap or a desk. Plus the front cushion works as a wrist rest quite nicely.
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I bought the Vantec LapCool2. I wouldn't recommend it, after a few months of use the flimsy plastic blades warped. First they started making loud noises as they scraped against the case, eventually getting completely stuck.
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How much cooling you need really depends on the laptop itself. I'm using a large thin (~1cm) hardcover book underneath my Lenovo T61, and I find it gets the job done nicely. No lap scorching, and it prevents the intake vents on the bottom from getting blocked, so the machine doesn't overheat even when gaming for extended periods of time.

If you have any books that would fit under you laptop, give them a shot. If not, many children's hardcover books are large and quite thin, so that would probably be the easiest type to acquire. Perhaps some Dr. Seuss would keep you and your laptop cool and happy. For a larger laptop a Where's Waldo book might be more appropriate.
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