Invoicing software for therapists?
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My girlfriend is a child therapist with her own practice and I'm looking for easy to use invoicing / billing software for her. She basically provides four or five different services (individual sessions, group sessions, evaluation reports etc.) with different rates but that's about it. All of the software I have been looking at is far too complicated for what she needs to do and obviously geared towards businesses who sell products instead of services.

My girlfriend needs to keep track of her clients' adresses, the different services she has provided for them (and on what date), whether she has already invoiced them and whether they have already paid for them. It is also important that the design of the invoices can be customized to keep them in line with the look of her stationary, her website etc.
Anybody know of invoicing software that is especially designed to be used by 'service providers' (not sure if that is the correct term) such as (physical) therapists, psychiatrists, chiropractors and so forth??
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Gnucash is now available for windows. Its an open source personal finance/small business financial manager.
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I happen to like Blinksale, which is primarily for web-based invoicing.
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Over a decade ago, I went through a similar problem. I looked at the then only five packages of software available. Eventually, I picked Therapist Helper. Helper is still around, twelve years later. I haven't used it for about eight years now, but it was decent when I left.

I'm not sure about the look and feel of invoices, though. My guess is just print the invoices on the stationery.
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I've used QuickBooks for years. I also provide services, at differing rates, customized my invoice design, refer to client histories, can easily see who owes what, store addresses/contact information in it, print mailing labels from it. I think there are even "wizards" which will help different types of businesses set up QuickBooks easily.

It sounds like QuickBooks would be perfect for her, but I know you've probably looked at it already. It's not that complicated at all once you get it set up. I'm not sure why it wouldn't work for her.

Admittedly, I am using an older version. Could it have gotten _worse_ over the years?
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FreshBooks is quite easy to use and is service-oriented.
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I am using Side Job Track, which works great.
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Admittedly, I am using an older version. Could it have gotten _worse_ over the years?

Yes. Quickbooks (and the whole of Intuit, actually) is a pox upon this earth.

I use SideJobTrack, but I would stay away from it if you can't afford to suddenly lose all of your data. The gal who wrote it hasn't made any improvements or bugfixes to it since December.
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Well, if it were me, I'd hack something together with Visual Basic and Access...
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I provide services rather than products, and I use Quickbooks, the latest version. I like it just fine, although it was a gift and I really didn't bother to do any comparative analysis.
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