Help me find a 40-50 minute MP3 mash up
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40 minutes of music help, please! 1 long MP3 of music for a fashion show.

This is a request for an outdoor company's internal sportswear and outerwear fashion show. My boyfriend has been tasked with doing the music. This means that I've been tasked with doing the music.

I know about DJ Food - Raiding the 20th Century, and that'd be okay to use, but are there any other 40-50 minute long MP3s with newer songs remixed in a fun way? I want 1 MP3 to make it easy on everyone for set up.

Curse words should be avoided and while hip hop is okay, the mean age of the group will be 40, but the music "should project younger."
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there are many good programs that will take your mix of several (or many) songs and convert them into one long mp3 with fade ins and outs or whatever you like....

someone here should be able to name a few
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Ministry Of Sound: The Mash Up Mix 2006.

Only disc 1 though. Disc 2 is a little too hardcore.

Try it and see what you think.
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Every long-play mix I've heard by DJ Riko has impressed me mightily. He mixes a lot of older stuff in (at least from what I've heard) so your 40something crowd will feel extra hip because they'll have heard a couple of the songs.
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If you want software to mix your own, try MixMeister Pro.

It doesn't do mash-ups, but does do reasonable beat matching - for a piece of software anyway.

You could get close to mash-ups by mixing lots of tracks with each one being played for only 30 seconds or so. However it won't be perfect and for 40 minutes, you'll need a lot of music (and time to lay it all down).
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On a mac, check out AskTheDJ.
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You've never been to Mashuptown ? You should go.
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Try DJ Z-Trip. Words don't do him justice. Free downloads here.
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all things Osymyso

also the 2 Many DJs "As Heard On Radio Soulwax" series. (volume 2 is the easiest to find)
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Unfortunately, Osymyso's awesome Intro-Inspection only clocks in at about 12:12, but it does manage to cram over a hundred songs in that time frame while still maintaining listenability.
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Also try DJ Mike Relm
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