Why does it hurt when I jump on a trampoline?
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Why does it hurt to jump on a trampoline? I never could when I was young because I would get this stabbing pain in my back when I jumped. I never really thought much of it. Now fast forward 20 some years and now my 11 year old daughter can't jump because she says "it hurts too bad." This is the first time she's tried it. I guess I should count my blessings since they can be so dangerous but it stumps me that neither of our bodies will even tolerate it?
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That sounds a bit odd to me. I would visit your family doc to make sure everything is o.k. ESPECIALLY if your daughter wants to pursue any sports activites...
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I don't think trampolines are supposed to hurt. I second the see-your-doctor motion (although I am dubious he will be able to help you much without expensive x-rays, tests, measurements, etc).

I would occasionally get shooting pains up a leg (usually just one at time) if I landed oddly on a trampoline but never predictable and persistent pain. Can't be a good thing.
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FWIW, I was the same way as a kid (I presume I'm still the same way, thought it's been 15 years since I've attempted to jump on a trampoline).

I would get a sharp pain in my lower back every time I jumped.
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In my youth I recall rare bouts of backpain. One time my back seized up so much I couldn't move my neck or shoulders for a couple days. Really scared me. As I get older though, back pain is becoming more of an issue. One thing that's kept the pain away though, is bananas.

If I notice my back start to seize up, I go get some bananas and eat them and the pain goes away. Supposedly it's the pottassium. I dunno. I only know it works and has worked all my life.

In my youth, a bunch of bananas in one sitting would make any backpain go away for months or even years. I wouldn't have to make sure bananas were always in my diet. I'd just gorge on them for a bit and then not think about it for awhile.

Nowadays, several bananas usually fixes the problem for a few days to a week. Recently I've noticed backaches after strenuous activity, and jumping is pretty much out of the question for me. The past few months, I've been eating a lot more bananas.

Seeing a doctor isn't something I can afford currently. I know what it is - I've treated my body like crap all my life and now that I'm older I'm paying for it. I don't need a doctor to tell me that.
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I definitely third taking your daughter to a doctor, just to make sure it's not some sort of congenital spinal deformity or misalignment. Although you're proof that it's probably not life-threatening, it might be correctable in someone that young. The earlier you catch things like that, the better.
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No answer, but I had the same thing. I was fine on a trampoline until 12 or 13, then the pain after just a few jumps. It didn't stop me riding a horse all day long on the few occasions I got the chance to. I did, however, end up flat on my back after just 30 minutes on a motorcycle, with pain in pretty much the same place (didn't actually hurt to ride). Never gave me any other problems until after 30. I went to a chiropractor (as a last resort about something else) who took his time poking each individual vertebrae and when he got to the area that would hurt when I jumped, it only took a bit of finger pressure to make it hurt just as bad. Since something else (neck and shoulders) was on my mind at the time I didn't mention the trampoline pain at that location, and he said he had no idea why I should be so sensitive to his little fingertip exam at that location. Several years after that in my early 30's I'd throw my back out once every 18-24 months and be immobile for 48 hours or so. Hasn't happened in awhile though.

Not an answer, just thought you'd like to know. Oh, and my father has had similar back & neck problems, been to see several doctors and chiropractors and never been told of a specific problem, just that he generally has a bad back and keeps overdoing it.
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The sharpest pain I ever had as a kid on a trampoline was when my head hit the bar around the edge. Left a nasty egg on my forehead.

But no. No pain otherwise, and our son doesn't complain unless we tell him to come inside for dinner.
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I had that, but only if my body wasn't properly braced. Perhaps basic back-strengthening exercise would be of great benefit. Just a guess.
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Maybe your spines are not properly aligned. Maybe you have week spines and when you come down from the jump, the pressure causes your spine to slightly compress, causing pain.
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