Thunderbird Won't Fly
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I'm unable to open my Thunderbird e-mail program. After I upgraded it, it wouldn't open when I clicked on any of the appropriate icons or its listing in program files. I then did a system restore to before attempting the upgrade, hoping at least to be able to use my older version. Still no luck, not even in safe mode and not even after rebooting several times. A further complication is that I can't even bring up the Thunderbird profile by typing "thunderbird.exe -ProfileManager" in Run. I'm using XP Home. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Note when I say delete, I basically mean move to the trash can. After all of this is done, you can empty the trash.

Make sure Thunderbird isn't running hidden or somesuch. Use CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Find your profile folder (or all of them for all users of your computer if applicable). It should be here. (I'm assuming you'd already know if you moved it.) Move this to your desktop, then delete the entire profile directory.

Find the program directory (usually c:\program files\mozilla thunderbird). Delete it.

Reinstall Thunderbird. It's OK that it will not remember any of your stuff, as you have already backed it up.

See if it runs. If it doesn't, post back here. Otherwise:

COPY your profile to somewhere nice and safe where you can locate it (back in to the profile folder, maybe). Close Thunderbird and then run with the -p option (note that you will want to put the entire path in to the command line and may need to use quotes: "c:\program files\mozilla thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -p"). Create a new profile and follow the prompts, make sure that on the profile name page you use the "Choose folder..." button to choose your copy of your old profile. See if it runs. Report back.
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You might want to ask in the official support forums too.
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Regarding anaelith's suggestion - if Thunderbird continues to crash when selecting the old profile, try going into the profile folder, and then deleting the contents of the extension folder. I had a similar problem a few versions of TB ago (although it may not be an issue with newer builds)
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Response by poster: Thunderbird now works like a charm. I followed your instructions anaelith, and as soon as I reinstalled, TB came up using the original profile. Everything is as before. There was no need to run the -p option. I have shut it down several times, rebooted and restarted TB without a problem. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to lead me through this. Thank muchly.
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