How to collide new media and old media?
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What features should I put into my new radio show's website? I'm thinking of forums or something, but ideally there should be something more, I think?

I just started a new college radio show after almost a year of silence. I think I can get back into the groove of the actual show mechanics just fine on my own, but I'm at a loss as to how to best communicate with listeners about upcoming events, and past playlists, and other stuff.

I'm thinking that a message board is a signifcant part, plus a blog-type component

I'm using Joomla to put the site together, and I'm not too bad with PHP.
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IMO, Joomla seems like overkill. I'd go for a simple, widgeted WordPress install, with a calendar widget, maybe a threaded message board. You can embed a feed from to give yourself a live, real-time playlist.
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Response by poster: Actually, we are a member station of Spinitron, so that might do just as well.

WordPress has threaded discussions? I wasn't able to find a calendar plugin before, but I just found one that can suck in an iCal (which means integration, very handy!)
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Best answer: WordPress has threaded discussions?

Not out of the box, but here are four options for you. I've been meaning to poke around with them, but haven't had the chance yet.
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Maybe transcripts, so the search engines can increase your rankings.
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I would want a listing of what music played (or if you know in advance, what /will/ play). If you're clever, you can make this automatic. Keep this for a long time.

Use to store ("scrobble") that information. Embed a widget in your news weblog that links to all the music you've played.
Link to my recents:

You need a tiny program to insert each track. Getting or making one should be easy. Integrating or remembering to use it is up to you.
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Response by poster: I do already use It wouldn't work for this show since most of the music is played from physical media. We do have the above-mentioned spinitron.

What exactly is meant by transcripts? This is a music broadcast. No talk, so I'm not sure what value there is in transcripts along with playlists?
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I think blog + board is overkill, unless you have a dedicated community that has a lot to say. Its kinda sad seeing these sites with all these features that no one is using. I'd think with a radio show, a blog + a mailing list for updates, events, and promotions is more than enough.
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Definitely do a playlist. And maybe a "Other artists to check out" list.
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Best answer: An upcoming concert calendar. New releases by "your" artists. Links to their sites. Playlists, playlists, playlists. Contact information (for schwag from labels that see you are playing their bands).
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