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How do I find an internship in china? I've got mad skillz in C++ and general low level software development.

From August to February I'm required to do an internship. My optimal location for this would be Shanghai with Hong Kong coming in a close second. I'm good at software development, design and the works, and have a good portfolio to show for it.

Problem is, how do I find the companies in those cities where I could at all apply for the internship? I'm not seeing concrete information about this on the net.

I'm a German citizen at a German university.

Any mefites know of any insiders in the same profession in those cities who may have direct leads I could follow up on?
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I'm a Canadian architecture student on a four month work term in Shanghai. I'm earning about 35 American cents an hour.

Just something to keep in mind before you decide to come here...

I found my job through contacts in the field.
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Response by poster: Money is of no consequence to me. I'm a lot more interested in the experience, as well as the opportunity to get to know another culture from the inside.

Is there any way that one could use the same method you used, but in the software field?
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i know it wasn't a prefered city, but I'd throw an ad up on ShenzhenParty. We're right across the border from HK and (IMHO) have twice the culture and better pay in relation to cost of living than HK. The most popular IM program in China, QQ, has it's company HQ down the street from me. If nothing else, it will give you a feel for the market.

Try this Google query and look around. People's Daily also has a good jobs section.

Your dates also fit up perfectly with the Chinese academic calendar. It'd be pretty easy to find part-time TEFL work for extra cash. From my own observations, people with solid engineeringish/scientific type degrees and experience from the west get really, really, really good money here.
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