Dealing with College Expulsion
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What happens when a person is expelled from a college for academic misconduct (not me)? Can they transfer at all? Does that show up on your transcript? Does it go on your permanent record? How does a person recover from that? Any insight appreciated.
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My friend got expelled a year ago. He's back (readmitted).
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Not to be a snide, but I would tell him to ask his advisor at college- assuming they even have advisors where he goes. Even if he doesn't, he could just e-mail an adivsor at another college saying something like "I got expelled and am think about trasnferring. I am curious how that shows up on my trasnfer status and hours and/or transcript." Or, even ask the former school how how it shows up on a transcript. It seems like that is what really matters.
However, at my school for example (UGA), if you are expelled after the withdrawel deadline, you are WF'd from all classes, with means it shows up as a big ugly '0' on the GPA scale. Before the withdrawel deadline, I'm guessing just a W, which shows up on the transcript, but doesn't effect the GPA.
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The easiest way to confirm exactly what's on an transcript is to request a copy from the registrar. Usually an "unofficial" copy (i.e. not in a signed sealed envelope) can be obtained for free or a couple bucks. If it does look bad, talk to an academic counselor at the school. Depending on the school's policies and the reason for expulsion, there might be opportunities for rehabilitating the transcript (ex. overriding failed grades by re-taking those courses) or at least mitigating the negative effects. If there is any possibility that he may ever want to transfer, apply for a scholarship, or go on to graduate school, the transcript is going to matter.
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Academic misconduct? Does that apply to grades or a behavior-related incident?

If it applies to grades, my sympathies. I went through a very rough time last year, and should've withdrawn from school for a few semesters. Instead, I stayed in and ended up failing an entire year college. Bad news. Your friend's best bet is to speak with admissions counselors of the schools he wants to attend. If he explains the situation honestly and doesn't try to make cover-up excuses, you'd be amazed at how compassionate and understanding the school is, and how much they're willing to work with a student to get them where they need to be. It's a humbling experience to tell the schools you screwed up and exactly how you did so, but it's the best approach.

The conduct showing up on the transcript depends on the school. Some will just let the grades speak for themselves; others will have an actual line of text that states the expulsion.
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Response by poster: This person cheated and stole. I only know them indeirectly, so I have no way of ever knowing how this will affect them.
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An old friend of mine cheated once. He needed to do a computer science homework assignment (general education credit) and didn't have time so he basically used his friend's assignment (some sort of simple C program). It was an automatic failure. My U. had a policy that if you cheat twice, you're gone and that would be bad, but the first time is just a tough warning, and a failure on the GPA.
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I just check at my alma mater, and they stated that the dimissal would be noted in student transcripts. I don't know how other admissions offices would view explusions, but I doubt it's good. I would guess this person is screwed as far as higher education is concerned.
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Again, I'd still emphasize sitting down and being honest with Admissions. Yeah, they might tell your friend there's no chance he can return, but they also might might be willing to work with him, especially if they see he's repentant and serious about his education.
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