Help me find my new favorite shorts!
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Help me find comfortable durable cotton shorts to replace my USA Rugby shorts (whose manufacturer went out of business)

These are the bestest shorts in the whole wide world. I've had them for 8 years, mending them numerous times and have slept in them, worn them around as well as actually using them for rugby. They're 100% cotton and made out of the kind of thick, durable cotton that stands up to being grabbed by girls who are interested in rubbing your face in the mud. They have an elasticized drawstring at the waist, and are roomy but short- great for running and hiking. They have a little patch on the left leg that reads "USA Rugby" in blue and red with a little star in the center of the "A".

Unfortunately, the manufacturers have gone out of business. I'd pay almost anything for an actual pair or three of these shorts (size 34/87 cm or thereaouts), but no amount of googling has uncovered any stores with them.

Any other suggestions? I "totaled" the shorts this morning and the fabric is way too thin from use to patch again, so I'm pretty sad.
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Enjoy. I prefer shorts from Barbarian, personally, but they should all be of the same quality and construction.
posted by Loto at 4:11 PM on May 27, 2007

Oh, I completely misread your question. You are looking for those exact shorts?
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Wow, those sound awesome compared to the thick canvas type material I'm used to from Barbarian shorts.

Ummm, googleshorts says:
Scroll down to the Gilbert Kiwi shorts.

The Gilbert Kiwi shorts are listed as constructed from cotton.
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Oh, Loto's link goes to the same shorts on a different site.
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The site I listed also has the new USA Rugby Shorts on preorder, but they are made by Kooga and have a different logo than the pair you have.
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Response by poster: Loto- I don't think there's a chance that I'll find those exact shorts, but the hive mind is great, so who knows?

A great alternate would be awesome.
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You might want to peruse Kitbag's website for comparable gear.
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We use Stash shorts, which are pretty rough, although if you wear them in they're pretty comfortable.
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