Will I be able to get my sister into an 18+ show at the Middle East?
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How strictly does the Middle East in Cambridge MA enforce 18+ limits at their shows?

My younger sister is going to be staying with me in a few weeks, and Architecture in Helsinki is playing at the Middle East downstairs. I know she likes their music and she's never been to a real "show" before. It seems like a very big-brotherly thing to do to take my sister to her first show.

The catch is that the show is listed as 18+ and my sister is only 15. I've never been to a Middle East downstairs show before, and I don't know how stringent they are about carding. Some venues I've been to don't care and just card you if you're drinking, others religiously card everyone. Does anyone who frequents the Middle East know what their policy is like?

My sister is tall, but doesn't look particularly old. She's also super averse to any sort of deception. She would be very unexcited about us trying to talk our way in or sneaking or anything. Still, if you have any good stories about getting into shows you're not supposed to, maybe I can convince her with them.

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Best answer: They're pretty diligent about carding me every time I go and I'm 27.
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Honestly, they're very diligent about checking IDs. In my experience there are very very few places in the greater Boston area that aren't extremely anal about that sort of thing due to the 4,897 colleges in the area.
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I've been going to shows there for years and I can't remember a single time I haven't been carded. Sometimes they have all ages shows - you should see if there are any interesting-looking all ages shows that will be happening when she's visiting.
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Hm, well I got in the day before my 18th birthday using my college ID. But I guess she doesn't have one of those. Do you have another sister that looks like her (and is 18) who's ID of some kind she can borrow?
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They definitely card every time and I've gone there fairly often.
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Response by poster: :(

Unfortunately we have no other siblings, so the fake ID route isn't going to work. I'll look around town for other all-ages shows, but Middle East doesn't have anything else while she's here.

Thanks for the information! Sounds like the show is a no-go.
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Could you try calling them and explaining the situation? I once received permission to see a show at a bar when I was only 19, because I promised not to drink and my father was escorting me. They may not want to deal with the hassle, but it's worth a shot.
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I'm 34 and I have had problems using a valid out-of-state license there. I got in, but there was some discussion/testing first.
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Do you look old enough to pretend to be her uncle or something like that, or have any friends who do? I suggest this only because usually places will let people in if they're with a parent or guardian. This scheme might be difficult if your sister isn't interested in playing along, though.
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Call during the day and ask for Joseph or Nabil, the owners. Be nice and brief, Ask if liqour will be served at the 18+ show, (sometimes they don't), If they are then politely ask about your sister, explain you will be responsible for your sister, and that they will have wrist bands for the under 21s anyway. If either agrees then ask who will be working the door, or ask for a manager you can contact when you arrive. They're nice guys, and it is worth a shot.
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