Name that tune!
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Name that tune: rock/pop, heavily-repeated catchy "na na na na" chorus, nylon-strung open guitar chords, heavily-reverbed Asian-language (or French) female vocals, and string section. Slow, lilting, sad, and haunting. Reminiscent of "Crimson and Clover", but a little less psychedelic.

So I'm sitting in an Austin indie coffeeshop and hear an amazing song. I ask the barrista, and says it's a mix cd a friend gave him so he doesn't know.

The "na na na na" chorus at the end went on forever, and I believe the final few measures were just the singer and the strummed guitar - the violins and band had dropped out. I could have sworn it was French, but the barista assured me that it was an Asian language.

The production values sounded like the warmth of the 60s/70s, but perhaps this is some clever current indie band/songwriter?

Any ideas? Throwing out any names would be much appreciated.
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I think this probably isn't it, but just in case - could it be "Sugar Water" by Cibo Matto? You can hear a sample of it on Amazon (though the sample doesn't include any of the "na na na" bits).
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Another guess which probably isn't it: Metisse - Boom Boom Ba?
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Response by poster: nope, sorry cadge, that ain't it. thanks for trying.
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Response by poster: that ain't it either, comrade. This may be unsolvable.

Think more along the lines of Mazzy Star + Mark Kozelek in Japanese, whatever that means.

Despite the above references, it actually sounded like it could have been a mainstream song (not in the U.S., but in Asia) from a few decades ago.

I'm pretty sure the time was 4/4 and the chords were basic major/minor, nothing flowery or complicated.
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The Supremes - Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)? Obviously heavily mixed, probably some weird cover, but when you say "na na na na" that's definitely what I think of. (And oh gods now it's stuck in my head....thanks!) (Oh, and it's probably been covered manymany times judging by the wikipedia article.)
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'jikan ryokou' by DCT? real-audio here. Ending here.
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er, real-audio here. . .
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There is a band called Dengue Fever that has a vibe similar to what your describe. Asian Pop mixed with 60s Psychodelia.

It could be their song 'One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula'. But I don't think there is an acoustic bit in that song.. so maybe not.

A few of their songs have popped up in movies and on TV so you're more indie types would have it on their Mix CDs.

There are on iTunes if you wanna hear a preview.
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I could have sworn it was French,

I know that one song by Nine Inch Nails (La Mer - I thought you might be referring to this song at first) uses a Cajun/NOLA form (?) of French. Entirely possible that it's something along these lines.
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Oh I think I know the one you're talking about.

Is it...

Cibo Matto, 'Super Relax'?
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You may want to check out the various Asian volumes of the Love, Peace, and Poetry collections. Each CD collects unknown psychedelic gems from an area of the world. While some of the tracks have relatively dated or juvenile production values, there are others that make you wonder how the nobodies in question ever did that in the late 60s/early 70s.
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From the description you just described the entire Cocteau Twins back catalogue.

But maybe it's Air you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. We're still not there yet. If things get really desperate I'll go back to the coffeeshop and ask to encode the cd on my laptop.
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