External Hard drive USB device not recognized
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External Hard drive USB device not recognized, how do I fix?

I bought an Akasa external 3.5 IDE harddrive case (crappy make I know) When I turn it on and plug it into my computer windows sends me the following message.

"USB Device not Recognized.

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

I recieve the same error having tried mutiple different Harddrives in the case.

However, I receive no such error when I plug the device into my down stairs computer it works fine, Both computers have a similar setup, windows XP, AMD 64, Asus motherboards.

The only way I can get my main computer to be able to read the device is to load the HD externally on my computer downstairs- reformat the drive, after doing this my computer upstairs will be able to read the usb device normaly...but.. only once. You can move files back and to the Harddrive and it all works normaly, but once you disconnect the device and then reconnect it, the error returns.

If you google this problem you get alot of returns and I have tried all the "fixes" listed and none of them work.

1.) This is certainly not a power issue, I have a very nice 600W Antec PSU and only 1 other usb device attached to the machine.

2.) I do not get any problems with any other usb devices

3.) I have tried installing software/drivers that came with the device, but it didnt help and being USB / windows XP it shouldn't need any additional drivers anyway

4.) Ive tried to contact Akasa, they're no help at all, can't remember them even replying.
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I've had that problem with my iRiver (mp3 player/hard drive). I always solved it by switching USB ports on the computer, or monitor (usb hub).

So try all your USB ports, then make sure windows thinks it's truly disconnected (icon in systray?)

Also see if it makes a difference if you turn it on, THEN plug it in, or if you plug it in then turn it on.
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Try using a hub in between the upstairs computer and the HD.
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Since an iPod is nothing more than an external hard drive connected to the PC via a USB cable, this page at the iPod tech support forums (which I found one day when I found my 80GB iPod wasn't being recognized in iTunes anymore) may or may not come in handy.

For the record, I fixed it by clearing the temp directory and rebooting.
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And you know, I'm also thinking 'faulty cable' since this sounds somewhat familiar to a problem I recently had with my internal SATA drives. Have you tried using a different (new) USB cable?
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It looks like you've already solved the problem.

Toss the external enclosure. The chipset is probably buggy.
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Response by poster: i clear my temp directory often.

I don't think it could be the usb cable, else it wouldn't work on my computer downstairs either.

haven't tried a hub.. good idea tho.. have to see if ive got one.
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Long shot - are you plugging it into the front of the case? The power supply to front ports can be flaky due to the cabling used to connect them to the motherboard (the back ports are part of the motherboard itself).
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I just had this same thing happen to me - the drive was jumpered for cable select, which worked fine in the computer, but I had to switch it to master for the USB enclosure to work. My enclosure is a cheap one from ebay.
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Response by poster: it happens on all usb ports i try, ive tried slave/master/cable select it makes no difference.

just ordered a new ICY box encloser so will probably just chuck this one out.
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