Help me find this film
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A few years ago I saw a movie that I now remember vaguely but vividly. It was sort of an arty drama, and it might have been European. The story concerned a man and a woman vacationing(?) in a house near a beach. The man was in some sort of psychological distress, eventually culminating in some bloody self-mutilation. The title may have referenced Salinger's "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" in some way, but I could be misremembering.

The self-mutilation takes place, I think, behind a closed bathroom door that made me think when I was watching it that he was actually going to have killed himself, but I'm fairly certain that he didn't. There were some scenes of him on the empty beach, sometimes joined by a mysterious little girl in a yellow (?) bathing suit. It was almost definitely made between the '90's and now.

Thanks in advance!
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Is it "Betty Blue"?
posted by candyland at 2:45 PM on May 26, 2007

Was it Cuban?
posted by Ruki at 3:50 PM on May 26, 2007

The Isle?
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Second Betty Blue
posted by ReiToei at 7:33 PM on May 26, 2007

third betty blue
posted by dawdle at 11:55 PM on May 26, 2007

Response by poster: It's none of those! If it helps, the film had a very bright, clean sort of ambiance throughout most of it...
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