Anyone have Eigenradio archives?
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Does anyone have/know where I can find Eigenradio archives?

I listened to it entirely way too much when it was maintained and had a minidisc of about five hours recorded, but that minidisc is gone, not to mention its pretty hard to get music off of the minidiscs. All my searches have run into brick walls only finding links to the original Eigenradio page or Brian Whitman's current webpage. A Singularity Christmas just doesn't fill the void.
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Best answer: I never maintained any Eigenradio archives. It was a real time process (with a 60 minute latency) and I never had the foresight or saw the need to preserve it as it was transmitted. I do have a collection of Eigenradio renders, but those are development snapshots and don't really represent an average day in the life of the station. Your best bet is to find someone like you that has recorded a lot of it off the shoutcast stream. I know these exist but I haven't looked around.

On my list of things to finish up is a proper release. This isn't what you're looking for - it's more composed and a mix of styles inbetween ER and the christmas record. Also, the stuff we're doing now ostensibly inherits all those analysis/synthesis techniques. It's not far off that you'll be able to make them yourself!
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Response by poster: Oh wow, did you join metafilter just to answer my question? Thanks for coming in. It's so bizarre that something that was on the internet not that long ago doesn't have anything saved. I can understand why you wouldn't do archives since your stuff was going on 24/7 and you already had enough going on.

I absolutely loved Eigenradio and many times to unwind from long engineering homeworks would turn it up on my main stereo and just sit for about a half hour with low lighting and it'd feel like I was swimming through the radio or something like that. No drugs needed.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah and I guess I'll be putting in a renewed effort to get those couple of hours off of the minidisc if I can find it AND my player.
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I'll volunteer my minidisc player if you find the disc. (just an old RZ-50, which might not work since I haven't fired it up in a few years, but I miss Eigenradio so dearly I would try to make it work, O how I would try, if I could hear some more.)
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Response by poster: I know where the player and the disc are, but I just have to get them now and then figure out how to get the stuff off of them on linux. I'll try and get word to those who have favorited this thread once that happens (hopefully soon).
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I would love to see Eigenradio implemented in hardware, in a portable device that just sits and runs, averaging FM everywhere I go. Something like the Buddha Box, but more statistical.
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