Suggestions for wrapping a bicycle frame with tape?
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I need to wrap a bicycle frame with a specifically colored tape.

Back story: I work on bikes as a hobby and a friend has requested that I do a frame up restoration on his road bike. As part of the work he would love for some type of reasonably matching tape to cover the logos on the frame. (He commutes on the bike, and the tape will make it both anonymous and semi-resistant to scuffs at the bike rack.)

The bike is orange. Maybe a light orange. Think actual real (as in the fruit you find at the super market) orange peel.

What I'm looking for is a non permanent adhesive tape, perhaps something with the consistency of black electrical tape, but if its tougher (like duct tape) that would be good as well.

I've searched ACE and Home Depot to no avail. I haven't checked the art supply stores, but I'm not sure this is something they would have (based on past visits.)

I'm not opposed to order online, but something in the Chicago area would be great.

Other options for wrapping and protecting this bicycle frame are welcome as long as the color is consistent. I'm not locked into the tape idea. Thanks for any advice or thoughts.
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Identi-tape has more colored tapes than you can shake a colored tape covered stick at. Wire harness tape should be the sort of consistency you are looking for, and they have 2 shades of orange availible. If you are looking for tougher tape, gaffer tape will hold up better than duct tape.
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Easy and local: Painting any old tape. Finding the right shade of orange will be trivial.

Harder, expensive, awesome: Retroreflective orange tape.
I've put lots of retro-reflective tape on my commuter bike, because of the increased safety/visibility. It also looks nice.
In my experience, retroreflective tape is not easy stuff to find, so to get it in orange you'll almost certainly have to order online. But you'll be able to walk into a store and get a non-matching colour (such as white or red).
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Bennotto plastic handlebar tape (scroll down to see it). Nonadhesive so it won't pick the paint on the frame. It will eventually fray (slowly if the bike's taken care of, but very rapidly if the bike's frequently locked to rusty steel things).

My preferred choice these days is nonadhesive vinyl tape, the kind put on handlebars of department-store ten-speeds a few decades ago, but that stuff's hard to find, and even harder to find in anything besides black.
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I second colored gaffer tape. It's fabric and slightly textured so it's easy to grip and the adhesive on it won't gum up because it stays in place (unlike electrical or duct tape). Plus it's thin, tears off easily and won't leave residue. Also you can stripe the bike with a contrasting spike tape.
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If you don't get a more Chicago-specific answer here, these guys will be able to point you toward all colours of tape in your area. I think electrical tape will hold up really well, as long as you secure the ends correctly (make sure you run it right up to the end of the bar, so that it is somewhat protected and out of the can also glue it back to its self if you're worried).
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thirding gaff tape
try a lighting store like for dj lighting they have stuff called gaff tape it would work well and leave no residue
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