How do I fix ialmdnt5 display driver?
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ialmdnt5 display driver periodically stops working, how do I fix it? windows xp.
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What do you mean by stop working? Does the monitor associated with the driver turn off, do you loose advanced graphical interface options, etc? Does it follow any kind of time pattern or happen when you do something specific? Does it revert back to generic driver when the driver stops working? (don't need to answer specific questions, but typically specifics on how and what are happening when is essential to debugging mysterious computer problems).
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That's an Intel chipset. Download the latest drivers for your card from Intel. Try the .exe version first (it comes with an installer but sometimes the installer doesn't want to install for OEM cards).

If the installer doesn't work, download the zip file and unzip the files to a folder on your desktop. Open Control Panel, select System, Hardware tab, and click on the Device Manager button. Find the display driver item in the list and double click on your display driver. Sometimes there are two drivers, choose the first one.

Click on the driver tab, then click on the update driver button. Follow the directions, but when asked where to find the drivers, pick the option that lets you select the driver you want to install. On the screen where you select the driver from a list, click on the browse button and find the folder you unzipped earlier. You'll probably need to drill down to the Graphic folder. Then let the wizard install the drivers.
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