Medical Reimbursement Plan - what does the IRS require?
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I've recently started a company, structured as a 'C' Corp, to sell my consulting/contracting services. One of the reasons I'm working as a 'C' corporation is so I can have the company pay all medical expenses. I've read from the web and various IRS publications that as long as the Medical Reimbursement Plan is offered to all employees equally (no problem there) then it can be paid for by the company and written off on the corp taxes. But in order to make the MRP legit what, other then limiting medical expenses to those listed as acceptable by the IRS, do I need to do? Special records? Outside plan administrator?
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Talk to an accountant.

Seriously. You *don't* want us giving you advice on tax issues.
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they've got a lot of self help books at the library...hell, at office max.

come to think of max has a TON of legal forms and stuff..they'd prolly be a good resource.
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