Can I get the VEOH player to work under wine on Ubuntu?
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Has anyone been able to get Veoh's video player running under wine?

So, offers lots of interesting videos to watch, but many of them only offer a five minute preview, with the option to download and watch the full-length versions - but you can only download the full-length versions if you have Veoh's player and they only offer versions for Windows and Mac. (I've heard rumors of a volunteer effort to create a Linux version but so far no dice.) So I'd like to see if I can get the player to run under wine. The installation starts fine but when it begins extracting the .msi file (veoh.msi) it sends a message informing me that Internet Explorer 6 or greater needs to be installed in order to continue. I really REALLY don't want to try and install IE under wine. Is there anyway to work around this and get this installed or should I just write the whole thing off?

(I'm running Ubuntu Edgy)
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You might wanna give installing IE a shot anyway -- it's actually not that bad:
posted by ph00dz at 2:21 PM on May 24, 2007

Would IEs for Linux help?
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Curses, foiled again!
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If it needs the IE6 runtimes then you have no choice.
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3rding the IEs for linux; the install was absolutely painless for me on my pc running Ubuntu Dapper. Using the IE app itself is a bit awkward sometimes, but as thats not the point here you should definitely give it a try.
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Thank s for the tip on ie4linux. I downloaded it and, after copying a few files over to my regular wine installation I got the veoh player installed. Now to try and get the videos to download correctly.
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