Looking for Real Estate Agent in Port Charlotte, Florida.
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I am looking for recommendations for a real estate agent in the Port Charlotte, Florida area. Especially helpful if the person has experience selling lots.

I live in Vermont and am looking for a recommendation for an agent in the Port Charlotte, Florida area. I have been contacted by at least one big name group known for wearing yellow jackets when our listing expired last year, but just getting them to respond to emails and phone calls has been difficult. I am hoping a fellow MeFite can either recommend someone, or IS a real estate agent in the area and can help me sell a lot I inherited from my grandfather via my dad when the latter passed away a few years ago. If you are an agent please email me via my profile, otherwise I'd love to hear suggestions. Thank you.
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I'm planning a move to Vermont this summer, and my real estate broker in Burlington, Toni Trombley (who has been very helpful and responsive so far), also happens to do business in Florida. I'm not sure if she handles the Port Charlotte area, but she might be able to point you in the right direction if she doesn't. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you want more info about my experience with her.
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