Hole in my glass - what to do?
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I have a hole in a glass bottle - can i patch it or fill it with something?

I dropped a bottle of cologne and it chipped a small hole on the corner of the bottle. There aren't any cracks in the glass just what looks like a chipped corner. The hole is pretty small approx. ~3mm sq. The cologne is evaporating through the hole slowly otherwise i can just leave the bottle be since the liquid is lower than the hole. Can i fill or patch the hole with silicone?
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You can patch it with silicon. Another option is to find a shop that repairs crystal. They may have a better solution.
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I am a big fan of epoxy. If it doesn't have to be beautiful, it sounds like it would work here.
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Any specific brand names or types? I've concerned about the silicone being eaten away by the alcohol. Would this happen to expoxy as well?
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I have no idea but is it possible the chemicals could contaminate each other? Change the smell, leech or solidify ect? Like I said nfi so I may just be a panic merchant. But I have an idea to offer in the mean time. Get saran/plastic/cling wrap and bind it very tight and flat. That should stop it escaping. Or is it possible to prise it open and decant into something else that's suitable?
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You could treat it as a very small bottle of wine: whittle down a fragment of cork, jam it into the hole and melt some wax over it, completely covering the part of the cork on the exterior of the bottle
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Have you considered finding another bottle? Googling "perfume bottles" gives a number of cheap options.
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A little easier than jamaro's suggestion: Just melt a glob of wax over the hole. The alcohol won't eat away at it, and you don't have to whittle a little cork.
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You can patch it with silicon.

Silicone sealant would be an easier to use option. Melting the silicon into the glass might be a bit tricky. Alcohol should be fine with silicone.
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