A program to create a photo slide show on a blog
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I am looking a simple, pretty, automatic slideshow program (free or cheaper) to use for a post on my blog. I want to include about 100 photos that I took on a trip. Not necessary something with lots of bells & whistles needed, but I want it to be "nice" & practical. Suggestions? Thankyouverymuch...
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You can make simple, embeddable slideshows via Photobucket. Just put the photos you want to include in an album and hit "create slideshow".
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Slideshow Pro
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slideshow pro looks pretty cool, though.
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Open Office has a powerpoint clone that'll work...
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I've used Slideshow Pro in the past and it is great. Obviously you would need a recent version of Flash though. Took a little bit of messing around to get it working for me, but I might just be slow. It looks nice and has lots of display options.
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I like dotphoto.com for slideshows.
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FlickrSLiDR. Not affiliated with flickr, but if you've already got an account there it looks good.
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Picasaweb also automatically creates embeddable slide slows from your online photo albums.
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filmloop does this kind of and it's easy.
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Simple viewer.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. So from all those suggestions, which is the best?...
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