I'm so vain, I think this pictures about me
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Is there a commonly used term, slang or otherwise, besides self-portrait, to describe a picture taken of yourself, by yourself, holding the camera at arms length?
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I've heard these referred to as "Myspace(y) shots" due to their abundance on the site.
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Urban Dictionary offers netdiseased.
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I've seen "selfpic" used
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I have also seen "selfpic" used.
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Well, in some contexts, ISM.[NSFW].
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I think of them as camwhorin's.
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Response by poster: Wow I hadn't even thought about the myspace/camwhore angle.... I started doing this as a teen, whenever I'd see someone elses camera sitting around, pick it up and snap a picture of myself..... and now with digital some of my favorite pictures of my wife and myself are the same technique. I was hoping for a more endearing term, mostly for tagging on flickr.
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Not quite, but of interest: Internet disease.
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I do that all the time on vacations, and for some reason I call it autophotography.
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I call them "vain myspace pictures" and people know exactly what I'm talking about.
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I like to call it The Angles
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myspace pic
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I've seen it referred to as a fat girl angle shot, but that may be a specific rather than general case. I am neither endorsing nor decrying such a label, simply relaying it.
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we call them Holdouts, and like TuxHeDoh, some of our best shots come from that technique.

It helps to have 3' long arms, too...
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On a recent trip in Europe, my teenaged niece held her camera at arm's length to snap a photo of herself with palace ruins in the background and intoned drolly, "MySpace castle!"

So yeah, I'm thinking "MySpace photo" has entered the vernacular.
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myspace angles?
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I've heard the term "helicopter shot" used to describe the specific angle in which the camera is held fairly high to eliminate double chins. etc.
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We refer to it as "the pose" and even have a flickr group for it.
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The shot that doift refers to is what I'd heard specifically called the "fat girl angle".
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TuxHeDoh, you might check out the flickr ALSPE* group.
*Arm's Length Self-Portrait Experience
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MySpace Picture.
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