Way to watch Champions League Final live online?
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The Champions League Final starts in just over half an hour. I'm at work in LA. I have a net nanny. I can use vtunnel to get round it, but I can't access video on channelchooser using vtunnel. And there only 2 crappy sports channels on TVU. How am I going to watch the final live online?
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If you fail to get video, there's always Five Live for commentary (though I'm not sure if it works outside the UK). Some people can't stand Alan Green, but I think he's one of the better commentators around.
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Best answer: Try:

here or

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Five Live cut away just before the start of the match. I gave up looking and put on ESPN2. But I realise that may not be an option for those people with jobs.
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Response by poster: I'm getting it now on Otis's first link - thanks Otis!
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Neither of Otis' links worked for me. Glad you got though, russmail!
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go Liverpool!
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Response by poster: terrapin - I tried it several times & got it on the third attempt: stick at it!
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Response by poster: (it's in French btw, but I ain't complaining)
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is there a plugin that's needed to make the channelsurfing link work? i'm just getting a black box....
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Response by poster: gnutron - I didn't install anything. I got the black box the first few times, and then it just worked. A bit random, I know, but there it is.
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Ah well, too late now, but next time try:
... if any of the clients they link to work within the scenario you describe.
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