Get rid of the NY Times dictionary popups!?
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How do I turn off the dictionary lookup popup thing on

I'm one of those people that highlights words on a webpage while I'm reading it, and the NYTimes' javascript popup when a word is highlighted is driving me insane. Is there some cookie or something to disable it, or some user control panel config thing on Firefox I can use to turn off Javascript only for Thanks!
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Is This what you are referring to?
A greasemonkey script could probably be whipped together to reformat hyperlinks with the "intellitextLink" class if that's the declaration they use on nytimes.
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Response by poster: Thanks neustile!
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ktrey, if you took 2 seconds from your life to actually look at the NYT instead of simply pulling something out of your butt, you'd see that the OPP is NOT about IntelliTXT.

Adblock will completely nuke it on Firefox, but Google Toolbar's popup blocker takes care of it on IE (ctrl-doubleclick will bypass the blocker, if you want to actually use it). I imagine any similar popup blocker will do it as well.
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Chill. In accordance with the purpose of this site, my post was attempting to be helpful. I did view New York Times website, but was unable to find what the OPP was referring to after viewing and highlighting several articles. I had recently read something regarding IntelliTXT, and thought that the technologies used by nytimes might be similar.
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Is there a way to do it in Firefox without using Adblock?
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grouse - adblock is clearly the right tool here. If you're not using adblock because you want to suuport websites' revenue streams, you can skip the step where you subscribe to a blacklist and block only the ads that annoy you (like intellitext).

Alternately, you could probably use the NoScript extension, or disable javascript in your browser. Those will be more intrusive to your browsing on other websites, though.
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I'm not using Adblock because I want to minimize the number of add-ons I have installed.
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If you already have Greasemonkey, here's a GM script that will do the trick (you have to restart the browser for it to start working, though)
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