WAP / WML Analytics packages- are they out there?
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Anyone know of any good open source packages for WAP / WML traffic analysis / analytics?

I'm running a WAP / WML / XHTML site for a client, and need to figure out a good way to measure the usual things one measures on a website- unique visitors, average visit depth, clickpath, etc- all the stuff you get from a tool like analog or webalyzer.

Since most mobile users come through gateways, all the users share one or two IP addresses per provider. This means that the standard weblog analyzers don't do much.

The phones don't run javascript, so a beacon gif / omniture / hitbox approach doesn't look good either (and I don't want to spring for the $$$)

I could certainly write a servlet filter that captures this info and write a suite of reports- but if there's a great FLOSS tool out there, I'd much rather use it. I just can't find one anywhere!

Thanks for any pointers to good tools!
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Response by poster: Complience, I'm confused- isn't netstumbler all about WIFI? I'm looking for WAP / WML (stuff for measuring people browsing over their phones).
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It's been years since I gave a rat's ass about WML, and I feel better for it.

That said, I seem to recall that WML clients will accept and return cookies, right? If so, simply log the cookie values. That will let you track unique users. If you're using Apache, use mod_log_config to write cookie values to your log file. I'm pretty sure that most log analyzers can deal with custom cookie values.
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