Teeth slanting inward
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Help me find the word that describes teeth that slant inward.

Most teeth grow nearly vertically. Some people have teeth that slant inward (from the root to the tip of the tooth). Is there a name for this? It doesn't seem to be very common, but surely it's frequent to have a name, doesn't it?
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The orthodontic term for inwards inclining teeth is retruded. Teeth that incline outwards are said to be protruded.

(For bonus points, the OED mentions the very archaic in-toothed.)
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angle grinders
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Helen Hunt has a mild case of retruded front teeth.
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And so does Kirsten Dunst.
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I always found them sexy and, oddly, perhaps, this is what I always think when I see them.
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According to the dictionary, retrusion means "a condition characterized by the backward displacement of a tooth or teeth." Backward, toward the back of the neck. So I can believe that in-slanted front teeth are retruded. But what about side teeth that are slanted inward, toward the tongue (not backward, toward the back)?

Here, look at Kirsten Dunst's teeth. See how her side teeth slant inwards? What's the word for that?
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Thanks, UbuRoivas.

indents (or indented)

Bonus points: It's also an indentional pun.
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Wisecracks don't help people find answers.

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