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dungeonfilter: i can't find any DROD: KDD walkthrus. Am I missing something?

i feel quite silly, as i can't seem to solve level 2. the mother roaches are behind direction arrows, so i can't get to them to kill them, but the room has the green door that won't let me progress until they've been smitten. i tried to go around a different way, but encountered the same problem. help!
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Stand right at the entrance and swing your sword or walk into the wall. The roaches will try to run away from you rather than staying put - you should be able to take it from there.
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Response by poster: sadly, i cannot. yes, they run. they make more roaches, which i kill. but i cannot lure them out from behind the arrows, and i cannot go in. i am clearly missing smthg obvious, but what?
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Go to this page. And click on "Get Help For a Room" near the top.

Under "Hold" select King Dugan's Dungeon. Then select the level, then click on the room on the map you need help with.

Verify that's the room you want then click submit. It's a little roundabout, but the hints are there.
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I've done all of KDD but am not sure which room you mean? Maybe post a screenshot?

In general, mother roaches run away from you. Sometimes you have to look on the board for the right place to stand to make them go away in the direction you want and thus "flush" them out.

Don't be afraid to walk into directional arrows if there is a way out. Directional arrows wont let you go in the opposite direction but they will let you go in a perpendicular direction.

Hope that helps....
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Maybe this is obvious, but maybe it's what you're missing:

You're using the numberpad, right? because you can use 7, 9, 1, and 3 to go in diagonal directions. In fact, the ability to move diagonally is very important for this game (and it's why I sadly don't really play it anymore now that I've switched to a laptop).
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kingjoeshmoe: there's a laptop configuration. That's what I use. The keys are 7,8,9,u,i,o,j,k,l. It works just fine.

But yeah, diagonal moves are essential. In fact, one trick when a roach is behind you (and you cant turn your sword in time) is to find a barrier and get around it with two diagonal moves. This will place the barrier between you and the roach. Then you can turn your sword, step back out and smash him.
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