Nomex webbing source?
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I need an online source for nomex, or kevlar core/nomex wrap, webbing by the foot or by the roll. Note, this webbing is not the same as common nylon webbing. I would prefer a range of flat webbing widths, but 1/2" to 1" will do.
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McMaster-Carr carries rolls of 3/4" Nomex webbing at $1.74 a foot. They also sell Nomex (and Aramid) in various other form factors.
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I'd suggest checking out some poi supply shops, Flamma Aeterna looks like they have a decent selection.
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I make firedancing equipment as a minor sideline. I get my kevlar (technically not Kevlar, since that's a brand name) from Auburn Manufacturing. They only deal in quantities of 100' or more; if you need a smaller amount, Flamma Aeterna (or Bearclaw Mfg, or Renegade Juggling, etc) would be a good bet, although they'll have a smaller range.

I'm not aware of a combined Nomex/Kevlar product such as you describe (then again, I haven't looked for it), and I'm curious what the application and expected benefits of that combination would be. As I understand it, Nomex and Kevlar have similar mechanical properties, just in different forms.
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Response by poster: "As I understand it, Nomex and Kevlar have similar mechanical properties, just in different forms."

Unfortunatlly, this is incorrrect.

Both Kevlar and Nomex - both brand names, but commonly used to also describe the generic forms - are aramid (modified nylon) products. However, Kevlar is para-aramid and Nomex is a meta-aramid.

The primary structural difference in that the molecules of the meta-aramids (Nomex, etc) do not align during the filiment formation as well as the para-aramids (Kevlar, etc). This means that Kevlar type filiments are much stronger than Nomex type filiments. Both Kevlar and Nomex are fire resistant (at least compared to other common nylon/synthetic filiments)....Nomex, due to the molecule structure a bit more so.

Since both types are similar most webbing sold that is intended for loading does have a Kevlar core, but may not be listed as such (I didn't want to put that in the original question, so as to not add confusion).

I do appreciate the resource, but the wicking tapes available at poi supply shops has fiberglass and is designed for, well. wicking fuel.....

I should have given more detail in my original question - I am looking for an online small order source for load bearing flat webbing of 1/2" to 2" wide. It's the kind that they use in load bearing gear for firemen (firepersons?).
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Some sort of industrial or safety-supply store...? What kind of lengths?

These guys apparently make it; they can either sell you some, or maybe suggest one of their customers who is a dealer.
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Warwick Mills
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Response by poster: Yep, I was also able to identify who makes the stuff. I will only need 100 feet, or less over maybe 2-3 orders (although I might order more at once if required). Understandably the manufacturers see me as a small fish.

The problem isn't who makes it, it's where to buy it online for sale by the foot...or in small rolls.

Thanks for the continuing help and online retailers.
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Via Warwick Mills customer service --I forwarded them your question and they sent me this list:

Mr. Louis Franconi
Bally Ribbon
23 North 7th St.
Bally, PA 19503-1004
Phone: 610-845-2211 X-3108
FAX: 610-845-8013
E-mail:louisfranconi@ ballyribbon. com

Mr. Brett Goldberg
Narricot Industries
Suite C-150, 928 Jaymor Road
Southampton, PA 18966
Phone: 215-322-3915 X-
E-mail:Bgoldberg @tufftemp. com

MS. Wendy Horowitz
Offray Specialty Narrow Fabrics
360 Rt. 24
PO Box 601
Chester, NJ. 07930-0421
Phone: 908-879-3636 X-
FAX: 908-879-3630
E-mail:WHorowitz @OSNF. com
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