Flight Pricing Mistakes
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Trying to find a website that publicizes airline's online mistakes in terms of pricing, giving you very cheap flights.

I thought the MeFi community may have already posted about this, but a search yielded no results. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Pricing mistakes, when they do happen, generally get posted quickly to Flyertalk's Mileage Run forum.
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Are you thinking of FareAlert? I'm on their list, but haven't actually received that many alerts.
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I got a tremendous fare last year on Virgin Airlines thanks to airfarewatchdog.com -- sign up for their newsletter, and keep your eyes peeled.

I told a colleague about the blooper fare, and he scored a August trip to LHR from SFO for less than $600 r/t.
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"an August trip" - gaaah!
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I've never seen such perfectionism from a potsmokinghippieoverlord!
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My friend Jon is "JonNYC" in this legendary FlyerTalk thread - he bought $28,000 worth of first-class tickets for $2,800 the night Travelocity misplaced a decimal point in the dollar value of the French Polynesian franc. He's still using those tickets...
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