Fullscreen youtube to the telly.
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Did youtube change its 'fullscreen' option recently?

I have a macbook, which is also connected to my telly through the hdmi->S-video adaptor. I'm sure I used to be able to 'fullscreen' a youtube vid, and chuck it onto the TV by dragging it to the right of the laptop screen. (yes, this all sounds stupid, but I think if you've done this, it will make sense).

Now, if I hit the fullscreen button on a youtube vid, I can only make the vid fullscreen in the macbook's screen... so if I want it on the telly I have to use 'mirroring', which a) mongs up the rez of the laptop screen and b) means I can't post daft questions to askmefi at the same time.

So, is this a new change to youtube over which I have no control, or have I bollocksed something up somewhere?
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Best answer: Well, the old full-screen launched in a seperate window, whereas the new one uses a flash overlay I believe. You can view source and get the .swf file extension that is the actual video playing window, then paste that into a new browser window, but you can't resize it.
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A quick workaround for this is to open a new window (not a new tab, but a whole new instance) in Firefox ( or IE or whatever you use), drag it over to your TV (which I assume you're using as an extended desktop), navigate to your Youtube video and hit fullscreen - it should then launch the flash overlay on your TV screen, and you can browse away in the original instance of your browser on the other screen.
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Response by poster: Happy Dave, that was SO close... but if I do anything in the first window (ie, on the macbook screen), the TV window de-fullscreens. Am I missing something, or am I just SOL?
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Response by poster: (though really... ta. You have certainly answered the question)
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Here's a workaround - install this Greasemonkey script. Click the video you want to watch. It'll open in a new tab, in full screen. Copy and paste the URL from the newly opened tab into a new window. Drag and drop to your TV. Voila, jerry-rigged fullscreen.
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Who is this Jerry, and why is he always rigging stuff up crappy?
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Jerry-rigged. I think it's a corruption of 'jury-rigged', which is makeshift sail-work on damaged sailing-ships. Rather than a dodgy builder in Merseyside, as that link contends.
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Oh, sorry, that wasn't a serious question was it?
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