Song ID: Overheard from a MAC (Cosmetics) Counter.
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Help identifying a song. Overheard coming from a MAC (Cosmetics) Counter.

I heard a song coming from a MAC (Cosmetics) Counter at the Bloomingdale's in the Beverly Center. I was too embarrassed to ask the woman behind the counter what the song was, so I decided instead to stand nearby and text myself some of the lyrics for a Google search later. Didn't work. The following lyrics are from the end of the song.

"all i ever wanted"
"i saw a smile"
"let it go" (repeating)

Electronic with a female singer.
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Very unhelpful, but there are so many electronic songs with uncredited, sampled female vocals that I think your search may be in vain.
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So... without more info your best bet is to simply ask them next time you are in the store. Is there a reason you can't go back? Pivotal is right: if a google search on those lyrics doesn't help, what with those being pretty generic phrases, you won't likely get an answer from that description. Heck, even if you found the lyrics, they likely are from another song that was sampled and used in the one you heard.

My guess is like most places, the staff is either force fed a playlist, such as at Starbucks where they use it to push their compilation albums for sale (I looked on MAC's site, and don't see any music section so I'm betting this isn't the case), or the staff picks the music- in which case, the description you give will probably ring a bell with the people working there, because they'll play the song.
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The song I most strongly associate with the phrase "All I ever wanted" is Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence.

Is there any chance you heard a cover version like Lacuna Coil's?

It doesn't have your other lyric snippets, but I could see another cover throwing those in somewhere....
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Ugh. After watching that Lacuna Coil video, I want my soul back, and I bet they do too.
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Did you try a Google search like this one? It brings up a lot of lyrics results that may be worth sifting through. Then preview on iTunes Music Store or something similar to check for a match.
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Could it be a cover of The Present by Bloc Party? YouTube
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