tropical acne is not pretty
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Has anyone out there experienced "tropical acne?"...

Help! I'm on my honeymoon in Maui and have broken out HORRIBLY... i read a bit about "tropical acne"--I guess this can happen from the climate change. Has this happened to anyone else out there and did it go back to normal once you returned home? I really don't want this to stick around! We go back to Michigan on Wednesday. I've had acne all my life--particularly during high school. I'm 28 now and just get breakouts here and there, usually related to my cycle. I don't think it's ever been this bad, though, so I'm sort of freaking out. It's isolated to just my face, rather than some other less visible area of my body, sadly. Thanks in advance for advice on this one...
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not a doctor, but i would guess it's probably just the stress of the wedding, plus sunscreen and sweat. also, brides will often get their makeup professionally done, so maybe the foundation the artist used didn't like your skin.

i wouldn't panic. enjoy your honeymoon! make an appointment to see a dermatologist when you get home, if it helps you relax.
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I haven't heard of tropical acne, but during my honeymoon in Aruba I came down with a really bad breakout (and I usually am not prone to breakouts). I assumed it was in response to the salt water / pool water / sunshine / sunscreen / different shower water ... all of these changes can definitely wreak some havoc on your skin. My breakout was totally disappeared within 3 weeks.

And you're lucky, my breakout traveled to my shoulders and back. I was pissed. See if you can pick up some Clean & Clear Persagel - that stuff is amazing.
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I haven't heard of tropical acne either, but when I was in Los Angeles a few years ago, my skin broke out badly - I think it was a combination of the pollution and the heat/humidity. Funnily enough, it cleared up when I was in San Francisco a few days later, where the weather was cooler, so I wouldn't stress about it too much. If it persists once you're home, I'd go see a dermatologist as advised above.
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Since you've previously had acne know what it's like for you, you can tell if what you're currently experiencing is really acne, right? (Pimples?)

However, since it's confined to your face, and seems to be related to stress, sunlight, sunburn, and going suddenly from cool weather to hot weather, another possibility is Rosacea, a different condition. Best to see a dermatologist at some point.
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It could be Hot Tub Folliculitis, which is not actually limited to hot tubs.

Treatment may not be needed, as the mild form of the disease usually clears on its own. Anti-itch medications may be used. In severe cases, your health care provider may prescribe an antibiotic such as ciprofloxacin.
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Whoops, you're saying it IS limited to your face. Probably not the hot tub thing, then. Carry on, then.
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Might it be something that you ate? Perhaps you ate a rare tropical fruit that overstimulated your...glands? Maybe you can try taking a Benadryl. Aspirin might help relieve any inflammation.
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Try not to let it totally ruin your honeymoon. Your guy will still love you. Just don't take a lot of pictures because that will just make you more aware of your appearance. And remember that everyone on that island (or wherever you are) will never see you again once you leave. They're probably used to seeing people have adverse reactions to the sun and tropical climate, anyway.
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I wouldn't worry about it. It's just a breakout, and comes from the climate change, the stress of the wedding, and the different environment you're in right now. This happens to me a lot when I travel (especially in the hotter months).
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