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Looking for an image hosting solution that allows anyone to upload photos with some sort of approval process.

All the image hosting solutions out there I've found so far are based around either one person make an account and uploading your own photos, or other users within that site/community being able to add to your album. I need something that allows anyone to upload without making an account, and then the account owner can approve them. Same goes for comments for the photos, if available.

Ideally it would also be something geared towards integrating with another site, though not entirely necessary.

I've found these features in a lot of photo gallery software, but not so much in hosting solutions. Help would be much appreciated.
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I'll agree, there aren't many solutions that offer the kind of workflow you're asking for, but....

You could try using Flickr with a private group. Group admins in Flickr can remove any image they don't want, and invite images from other Flickr users. It's not exactly what you want, but...

You could also use email as part of this. Invite people to email their photos to the approver, then the approver could forward the photos s/he likes to the hosting service. The problem with that is the photos then appear to belong to the person who posted them, not the person who took them.

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