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I have a problem with my universal remote.

I picked up a television off the street today that is a Toshiba model M20FM1. My universal remote is a radio shack three in one. Unfortunately, none of the codes I can find online to make the remote work with tv seem to work. Please help!
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According to this, try codes 3233, 3241, or 1441. Have you tried those? It might help if you could say what codes you've tried. Have you been here? Which one is yours?

This other Radio Shack page mentions codes 012, 013, and 059. Try those too.
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...actually, what you probably want to do is a manual code search. Just follow the instructions here.
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These instructions are for the Radio Shack® 15-1991 Remote (4 in 1) but they should work for your remote too. If not, you may want to check your manual, or if you do not have it, search Google with the remote control's model number and you may be able to find the manual.

Searching For Your Code

If you have tried all of the set-up codes for your brand of equipment ,or your brand is not listed, and you are still not able to get the unit to respond, try the following procedure to search for your code.

If you don't find a code that works, the remote will flash four times when you reach the end of all the codes for this device type.

1. ) PRESS the button for the device you want to program, (TV, VCR, CABLE, etc.), then RELEASE.

2. ) PRESS and HOLD the SETUP button until the red LED flashes twice, then RELEASE.

3. ) ENTER 9-9-1 (two blinks on the remote)

4. ) ALTERNATE slowly between the POWER key and the DEVICE (TV, VCR, CABLE, etc.) button until your device turns off. (On VCR, LD, and CD players use PLAY instead of POWER)
Make sure that the remote is pointed at your device during the search, You may have to press this sequences of buttons up to 100 times to search the entire library of codes.

5. ) When your device turns OFF, PRESS the SETUP button and RELEASE it to lock in the code for your device.
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Maybe this is why the TV was on the street?

You could use a meter to try to verify if the IR circuit is active at all, but you must do so with extreme caution, as TVs have some rather dangerous components/charges inside.
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Hmm, I hadn't thought of the fact that that might be the case why the TV is on the street. It was on the Upper East Side in Manhattan so I just figured it was thrown out because someone got a flat screen or something.

Koselitz and dnthomps,

Thanks for the help!
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