I wanna divorce.
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I need a divorce lawyer in Richmond,VA

Mediation not a possibility. I've just returned to full time work following a long period of being a stay at home mom, and working part time for a while. I need someone reasonably priced who knows something about emotional abuse and hidden assets. Please post any recommendations, be they attorneys that you've used or organizations that can help find the right attorney for me.
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Sorry to hear your news.

They're not attorney links, but they may be useful...

1) read this: amazon link - "How to get divorced without ruining your life". Read the book - it might let you reconsider mediation.

(personal history -- I visited a lawyer asking all the "usual questions". He gave me the ISBN of this book and basically said, "read it, call me if you still need me". I didn't need to call him.)

2) divorce care
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You might not qualify for their free services, but these folks could probably give you some good pointers.
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All I can say is don't, and I repeat, DON'T use Stuart Chalifoux. My mom didn't do her research and so I decided to one day after he had been jerking her chain for months. He was practicing under suspension of his license, and he had several judgements against him.

I am sorry that I can't help more than that!
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My wife is a local attorney in Richmond and she suggests that you call Judy August, who is reasonably priced and good at family law.
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My email's in my profile.
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