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NameFilter: Help me give my first design business a cute name!

I'm looking for a cute name that could also be a pun. I'm dealing in mainly small businesses looking for business cards, pamphlets, brochures, adverts, labels, etc. At best, I'd like it to be something a.) just plain cute/sassy or b.) a pun that makes my clients realize the joke a while later.

About the firm: primarily just me, but possibly other friends pitching in (likely female). Will deal in design, copy editing, and photography, if that helps any. The name will be appearing on my business cards.

Operating in the bible belt, so please nothing that mocks religion. :)

Thanks for your help- I can't wait to hear your suggestions!
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Dang, I like Glitter Ninja for a name... but maybe Pixel Ninja? or something?
posted by The Deej at 6:14 PM on May 20, 2007

Best one I've heard, but is sadly already taken: "Time for Cake"
posted by SpecialK at 6:15 PM on May 20, 2007

Bonzi Buddy
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I would second glitter ninja. I liked that right off the cuff.
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Light Touch Design (and the .com is available)
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Before I settled on BrightStudio for my business, I considered


Not sure if any are available, or even if they are any good, but it might help the thinking process. I'll keep tossing em to the wall.
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Marked Cards or Marked Card Designs...
"We know your business"
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Smig-Small Business, Big Ideas.

Lady (or Ladies) of the House.

White after Labor Day.

Sweet Tea Design
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On the ninja theme:
light ninja
color ninja
ninja vision

Homonym themed:
Persistent Vision
Vision Quest
Lucid Vision
Pixel Vision
Light Wings
Fitting Image

Remember that if the .com is not available, you can append studio or design to the name and see if that might work.
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Intelligent Design

(it'll play great in the bible belt, and non-fundies will take it as witty)
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Polite Company
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Stealth (by) Design
Blooming Dells
Notions 11
Grrraphic Park
S. Trojan Inc.
Ladies Who Launch
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While not everything anout this post will be useful for you but the intro is how to select a name ...

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How about the opposite of mocking religion: Intelligent Design.
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The Deej, I love the idea of a Pixel Ninja!
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i was thinking "paper dolls" but i think that might have too much of a charlie's angels thing going on.

paper lady designs
pink pixel press
paper moon press
posh papers
charm school press

hip/ironic/font geek:
papercut studio
sans serif studios
ampersand design (nice logo potential)
pixelpress studio
x-line studio
piso mojado
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dasein design
Her Nibs
Liner Notes
What's your Sign Design?
Zodiac Design
Deckle Edgers
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Not to be a party pooper, but I would encourage you to think about whether you really want a "cute" name. You really are limiting your ability to reach out to larger businesses, business that don't know you, different communities, etc., just because some of these potential clients would find you unserious and cross you off their list.

If this is mostly more of a side project to you and you only see yourself working with smaller businesses that would appeciate the joke, by all means go to town. The Deej certainly has some good suggestions.
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Dangerously Qualified
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Box of smiles for small children
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I'm thirding the "intelligent design" idea. And while I love pixel ninja, I'm not sure your potential customers would realize what you were promoting.

(PS, I live in the bible belt area)
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Not sure if this will help you, but this business name generator article has consistently been a very popular page on our site. I haven't used it myself because I haven't had to come up with a business name. You could probably take the suggestions from here and follow the process in the article and maybe come up with something.
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Paper Dolls.
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