What is this religious symbol?
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What is this religious symbol?

In this collage called Belief and Belief systems that turns up on a lot political fringe sites there's a symbol in the very upper left corner that looks Arabic but I really don't know what it is or what it means. In Philly its common to see this symbol printed in bright colors on white, hooded zip up sweatjackets. They are favored by young, black Muslim kids. I'm trying to describe this in a piece of writing as something more specific than, "Arabic script," or something.
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It's the symbol for Om.
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The top left? It's an om. It's buddist.
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This site says it's Harmony.
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Sorry, the exercise was "harmony."

Aum (also Om, ?) is the most sacred syllable in Hindusim. It is also considered holy in Buddhism - where it is incorporated in the most famous mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" - as well as by Jains and Sikhs.
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It doesn't have a specific connotation. The concept is expansive by its very nature. It can be everything from an identity thing for militaristic Hinduism to a peace sign. But yes, it has religious origins.
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Cool! I saw that symbol on the back of a car yesterday, and I wondered what it was.
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They are favored by young, black Muslim kids

Were those kids Muslim, or Hindu?

It's good to know Muslim teenagers were wearing those shirts. The symbol is yes, Sacred to Hindus, and sometimes can lead to altercations with very devout ones when it is not treated with the respect it deserves; example--someone printing it for mass consumption and it landing up somewhere in the garbage bin or someplace. A few years ago, if I'm not mistaken, there was a brouhaha over the images of the Ganesh deity being printed on Toilet seats of all places which angered a lot of Hindus, and rightfully so, and was then taken off the market.

Anyway, I live in India, so I see the symbol a lot here. I hope you enjoy it too!
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I have a couple of roommates who are in a Hindu-esque religion (specifically, they are Sathya Sai Baba devotees), and they draw the Om almost meditatively on their notebooks, doodle pads, bathroom mirrors, what have you. There's a wooden Om carving hanging over our front door. The explanation I get is that, among other things, it's the first syllable produced by the primordial vibrations of the universe during its forming.
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