Combining mini European city breaks into one great two week holiday
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Hi, I am trying to put together a series of city breaks in Europe so that I end up with one great summer holiday of around two weeks long.

I'm thinking of using easyjet or some other low cost carrier so that I can spend most of the budget on romantic and well located hotels in the best cities Europe has to offer.

The trip is for my wife and I; we are from the UK and have previously been to Paris, Barcelona and know the UK cities well so these are off the list.

These are the cities I have in mind so far:


I think three is about right, we could maybe manage 4 but imagine 3/4 nights at each of these would be perfect.

What do we like? Really varied - live music (rock), art galleries, inspiring history (the Colosseum is at the top of our list at the moment), food and awesome scenery.

I am not averse to hiring a car as well as flying, but what I guess I am asking is:

are there any better (?) cities,
more inspiring destinations that I haven't considered
better methods of travel
most logical order (thinking hectic at the start and gentle at the end?)
which hotels we should consider (location, romance, pool?)
we really want to be proud of our holiday....we only get a short time off and we want to look back and think, that was cool :o)
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Best answer: Hi there! Welcome to Ask Metafilter.

One quick way to do a little research on what the site's talked about before on this subject is by clicking on the tags you added to this question, which will take you to all previous posts with that tag. You can even double-up tags, like this.

Three cities in two weeks sounds right, but I wonder if the cities you suggested (all lovely!) might be a little swamped this summer - they're really popular with just about everyone, and if you look, you'll find some previous AskMe posts about them.

I also wonder if choosing cities that were closer together (ie, a comfy train journey away, rather than a flight) would give you more flexibility and less stress. Maybe somewhere like Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Zagreb? Or Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest? Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen? Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig? Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga? You'll find romance, history, music, food, and scenery everywhere you go, so don't worry about trying to structure your vacation to make all that happen when it will happen naturally.

I imagine that you'll probably get lots more specific responses later, but let me leave you with a few links for further exploration (I don't work for any of these sites, I just like them):

Seat 61: European trains explained in great detail, with photos!
Deutsche Bahn trip planner: every European train schedule ever and then some
ITA Software: an airfare search engine that's way more flexible than most other sites; good for checking if that Easyjet flight is actually cheaper than BA...

Have a great time!
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Count me in the 'closer together' camp, with the advantage of being able to take the train between them rather than airhop. I'd be tempted to go 'mittelEurope': Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and take the hydrofoil down the Danube between the latter two.

And I'd really save Rome for an off-season long weekend. Otherwise your memories will mostly be of fighting through the hordes.
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Yes, I would keep Rome for a quieter, cooler time of year and replace it with Vienna or Berlin or even Wroclaw -- not sure about the music scene there..
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Response by poster: thanks for the input so far, if it makes a difference i now need to arrange for 6 adults and 1 child to go to Lourdes as part of the trip.

So, would appreciate some thoughts on top of the excellent feedback so far on how best to get all these people to Lourdes and away again, whilst my wife and I continue on our trip!
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The Lourdes thing does sound like a bit of a diversion. Can you just put them on a TGV in Paris (they seem to run direct 4 times a day)? Lourdes must be geared up for the not-very-travel-savvy.
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