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AcoustiCase 340 and 360 Acoustically Lined Cases any good

I want to make my computer sound quiter and look awesome, what do you guys think of the AcoustiCase 340 shown here
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Seems decent, but you have to also consider the noise your PSU makes and the Hard Drives you'll have in the unit.

You may want to consult Silent PC Review, they may help as well. I'd like to purchase or buy a quieter PC that sits in my living room without the high pitch wheezing and whirring that I have with my current machine.
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A case can only do so much to lower the noise of a PC. Quiet components (fans and drives) in a "noisy" case will create a quieter system than noisy components in a "quiet" case.

I second the recommendation for SPCR. Excellent recommendations, and any info you need on the subject can be sought out in their forums.
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Your drives are going to be 22 dBA at the quietest, so just make sure your power supply and fans are as quiet, and you shouldn't need a noiseless case. I found a 250mm case fan that produces 100CFM at 19dBA. If you want quieter than 22 dBA, you can buy a HDD enclosure that will drop the dBA by 3-8. There are fanless cases available too.
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