statin static
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I experience nagging muscle aches and pains in my legs and feet because of statins (lipitor, zocor, pravachol). I'm interested in hearing from others that may have experienced the same and how they dealt with the issue.

I've stopped the meds completely. When I stopped taking lipitor it took at least 6 months for the symptoms to subside completely. Recently I started a low dose zocor and pains returned within 3 months. I've tried Advil and Co-Q to relieve the symptoms. Alas, the pains linger. I'd appreciate any similar experiences and how you coped.
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Random muscle pains while on statins can be signs of severe problems. Talk to your doctor, because the regular blood tests you need to do (you are doing them, right?) will tell him if this is something to be concerned about. Before you attempt to deal with this pain, you first need to rule out these problems as the cause.
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Statin myopathy isn't a joke or something to commiserate about on Internet support groups; it's a serious drug reaction that can be fatal. You don't deal with it by taking ibuprofen or coenzyme Q; you deal with it by, first, diagnosing it correctly and, second, stopping the medicine.

Talk to your doc.
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It's absolutely pounded into our heads in pharmacy school that someone experiencing this reaction should stop the meds and talk to their doctor. I'm saying that for the benefit of someone with the same problem running across this thread later - I know you say you've stopped the meds. You have stopped them, right?

Be sure to tell later doctors you visit that you've had this reaction with multiple statins. Try something else for your high cholesterol. And googling "statin myopathy" may get you info on dealing while the symptoms go away.
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