How do I remove rusted toilet seat hardware?
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So I have an OLD toilet seat with hardware that is pretty much completely rusted/broken down. I cannot get the nut down the plastic screw with ANY type of wrench/screwdriver/plier combination. How do I remove the seat hardware without breaking the toilet???

I believe it is inadvisable to Google any phrase involving "toilet" and "screw" at work. I shudder to think of the results...
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Drill it out? Should be trivial with a plastic bolt.
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Cut the plastic screw?
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Also, your google search would be immeasurably more difficult had your problem involved the ballcock.
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Wire saw. Camping suppliers have them. Put a sheet of cardboard there to take the friction on the bowl. Maybe a coping saw but hard to decide absent any picture.
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Just a thought: if the bolt is plastic and the nut is metal, try heating it with a hairdryer for a minute. The different expansion properties of the 2 materials may make it easier to loosed the bolt. It may even soften the plastic enough to bend/ tear.
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you worry too much. all of the links on the first google page for "toilet screw" appear to be safe for work.
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We had this problem in our upstairs bathroom, and my dad fixed it by drilling the rusted bolt out. It only took a minute, and the toilet didn't get damaged at all. If you're careful, you can probably do the same pretty easily.
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Can you borrow a Dremel tool with the cutting wheel? I recently used one to cut off the tank bolts on an old toilet. Went through about 3 cutting wheels (they're cheap and the bolts were brass) but the job was done in minutes.
Not sure if there is clearance for the seat bolts, though.
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Second a dremel with a fiber reinforced abrasive cut off wheel. It's the dream tool for practically any "i don't care if I destroy the fastner I just need this bloody thing off" situation.

If you can work from underneath just in case you slip it won't be able to be seen. Otherwise you might want to protect the tank and bowl with some cardboard and masking tape. Even a layer of tape will protect the finish from a minor oops.
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Thank you sweet and merciful hivemind! Thank you all so very much. I will attempt blowdryer, then garden shears (to cut the bolt), and finally I will give in and borrow a dremel.
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if you use the dremel (which works great in this situation), wear safety glasses of some sort, high rpms and breaking cutting don't want that in your eyes...
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Practice with the dremel on aa safe test of some sort if you are a newbie, they can fly sideways and cut things all on their own.
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Also consider a hacksaw. It's a good general purpose tool to keep on hand. The Dremel seems more sexy, but sometimes the hacksaw is quicker and easier.
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Buy a hacksaw blade. Put a glove on one hand, grab the blade with that hand (or just put duct tape around one end of the blade), and saw the plastic bolt right between the porcelain and the toilet seat hinge. That's your cheapest/easiest option. Shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.
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Dang it.
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With what shall I dang it, O wise one?
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Aah, I meant Rhomboid beat me to it.
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I've had this exact problem and I did what Rhomboid/bricoleur suggested.
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