Help me remember part of "Wolf Creek".
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If you've already seen it, help me remember a phrase used in the movie "Wolf Creek". [SPOILERS INSIDE]

There is a scene towards the end where the bad guy takes a knife and stabs it into a girl's spine, twisting it once it's in there, in order to paralyze her. As he does this, he describes what he is doing, going so far as to give the name of the maneuver.

What name did he call it? Was this manuever real (that is, did it exist before the movie) or was is invented for the film?
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"I'm going to do something now they used to do in Vietnam. It's called making a head on a stick."

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That's it. Now I can get back to work.
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I was curious about the second half of the question. "Was this manuever real (that is, did it exist before the movie) or was is invented for the film?"

Anyone got an answer for that bit?
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According to director Greg McLean (in the Q&A section of the Wolf Creek website ) it is real.

From the site - "That's real! That whole sequence is taken from the Milat case."

Here's the Wikipedia page on Ivan Milat

The Wikipedia page doesn't go into the gory details of Milat's crimes (I don't have the stomach to go digging around for detailed descriptions of torture but no doubt they're out there somewhere), but it may well be real.
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