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I watched a documentary tonight about a music festival, and one of the guitar players had a totally awesome-o guitar amp, a little bitty one that he wore around his waist on a leather strap. It basically allowed him to do the wandering-guy-with-guitar routine, but with an electric. What's the best one of these to get, and where's the best place to get it?
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Best answer: The ones that were ppoular when I was running a marching band with a few electric guitars [Hampshire College represent!] was the Pignose Amp. They have quite a cult following and run on a mess of D cell batteries. This may be bigger than you are looking for, but it's the one I'm most familiar with.
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If it was small, I wonder if it was a wireless connection to a big amp (and big speaker) that wasn't portable?
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both the smokey and the pignose are tried and true porta-amps, the pignose is a little bigger than would comfortably dangle from a waist however.

i'm partial to the fender mini-twin, mainly because the built in distortion is sooo grungy with everything turned up.
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I've used the Danelectro Honeytone for a while. It has pretty sweet sound for being freaking tiny.
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There was a guy who used to play one of those in the UCLA Sculpture Gardens all alone after midnite. It was kind of nice and spooky at the same time.
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I've not seen anyone on this side of the pond use a Marshall microstack, but it's pretty sweet, even if it does tend towards 'wasp in a beer can' when turned up.
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I think you actually saw what Steven was talking about.
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Usually wireless transmitters are worn on the guitar strap to avoid tearing out the 1/4" jack. First things I thought of were the Pignose and the Honeytone (as mentioned upthread).
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It could have been the Roland Micro-Cube. It wouldn't fit on a belt, but it does have a strap, multiple effects settings, puts out a fair bit of volume, and runs on double A's.

It might take up a bit more human real estate than the one discussed, but it is a totally awesome little amp. You would need to be a little creative on how you carried it. But it could be done. And after looking at mine, it could be easily modified to be carried as a belt accessory.

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Best answer: The pignose comes with strap buttons, so you can put a guitar strap on it and wear it over your shoulder quite comfortably.
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What film was it?

I'd say with some degree of confidence that if the sound was still rock & roll loud and huge, it was a wireless hooked up to a "big" stage amp; if it was a tinny, funky honk (and if you're sure it was a portable amp on his strap) it was probably the Pignose.
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