List your favorite design publications
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What are your favorite publications for graphic designers?

The library I work for may be carrying a few magazines of my suggestion. I would like some that would be helpful to publications folk who use Adobe Design Suite and also do web work. Magazines, digital or on paper, that offer tips on using InDesign, solving CSS design issues, provide inspiration through design examples, Illustrator tricks, etc. Anything that someone who is doing a wide variety of layout on both the web and on paper would find interesting.
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Even though it's pretty elementary, I've always liked Before & After.
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Desktop magazine is pretty interesting... great for finish artists/those in production too.
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Previously. Basically, we concluded that sites like ALA were updated far more often and had better content than most print magazines.
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I like Before & After, Communication Arts, Eye, Baseline (awesome), Emigre even though I guess it doesn't exist any longer, and some of the vanity / sales publications from folks like Veer, Fontshop, ITC etc. ITC used to publish something called U&lc which was IMHO the best typography & design serial of the last 25 years or so. Too bad they dropped it.
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I like Print and Communication Arts. Communication Arts has great examples of excellence in current commercial design and Print focuses, perhaps obviously on print design.
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I love Eye (UK), Idea (Japan), Print (US), and Baseline (UK). I also get How (US), Communication Arts (US), Step Inside Design (US), Dynamic Graphics (US), Before & After (US), Grafik (UK), and Creative Review (UK). I miss Emigre.

Yes, I spend far too much money on design magazines. And books. And comics.
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Print kept my mind nimble all through high school. But these days when I need to know how to do something, I go to Creative Cow.
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